Smart Security Solutions

Smart Security Solutions

The adoption of cloud services and applications is accelerating across all industries, highlighting the importance of protecting users and business-critical data.

Intelli Vectra Technologies provides comprehensive advisory and managed security services to help businesses assess their business risks. We assist you in implementing industry-leading protection services to ensure your employees remain productive regardless of where they work. Furthermore, we will provide you with insights and control over what is most important to you - your data.

Web security is critical for preventing hackers and cyber-thieves from gaining access to sensitive information. Businesses risk the spread and escalation of malware, as well as attacks on other websites, networks, and IT infrastructures, if they do not implement a proactive security strategy.


Organizations are shifting to an identity-first posture for cybersecurity with today’s distributed workforce and migration to the cloud. Attivo Networks has expanded beyond its deception-based detection technology to include Identity Detection and Response (IDR) solutions, helping enterprise customers address increased attack destructiveness and expanded attack surfaces.

The scalable portfolio of endpoint, Active Directory, and cloud protection solutions provides organizations with enhanced attackprevention, reduced dwell times andaccelerated incident response.

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