Smart Data Management Solutions

Smart Data Management Solutions

Intelli Vectra Technologies Smart Data Management is a collection of solutions designed to make dealing with data easier for customers. This solution optimizes the file server usage while also providing reliable backup and data security. This would aid in lowering operational costs and risks, resulting in better data protection for the organizations.

The importance of data in human progress cannot be overstated. The applications for file and object data are limitless: genomic research to find a cure, video files for the next binge-worthy series, industrial devices to improve manufacturing safety, medical imaging for faster diagnoses, and even self-driving cars that use cameras and sensors to avoid accidents.

Over 25 Years of Enterprise Data Storage Expertise

CIO Review Magazine named Infortrend as one of Top 10 Most Promising Storage
Solution Providers of 2018.

Infortrend Technology is a pure-play Enterprise Data Storage solution provider with 25+ years of history and a public listed company (TWSE: 2495) in Taiwan since 2002. In order to deliver the highest quality products and services, Infortrend integrates product development, design, manufacturing, and technical consulting/support with in-house expertise to provide a comprehensive solution to our customers. Infortrend has successfully deployed more than 1,000,000 redundant rack-mounted systems worldwide.